EP 93: Architect Marketing Overwhelm (Part 1)

by Jonathan DeCollibus on June 15, 2018

“The fastest way out of marketing problems is to do something you’ve never done before.”

Jonathan DeCollibus


Most architects struggle with getting more projects. Maybe you have also felt this in the past. You worry where you’ll get your next project and it stresses you.

Our firm has a system in place to help you fill that pipeline so you need not worry about marketing and you can just focus on what you do best.

[0:54] Common Problems in the AEC World

Time to market the business
Marketing strategy to implement
Time to provide service to the client

[1:25] Strategies to Help Relieve Your Problems

Build an effective marketing strategy that will give you a positive ROI
Look for someone to implement the marketing strategy so you can focus on what you should be doing
Build a long-term strategy that will drive consistent revenue

[3:22] Steps to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy

Identify the proactive 3% of the marketplace looking for the service you offer.
Attract the identified prospects by being relevant, by educating, and by providing value.
Qualify the proactive 3% by determining their immediate actionable need, resources, and if you have a natural fit in terms of values.
Nurture the relationship with your prospects by providing value.
Schedule a meeting using a simple binary process.

This is part one of this topic, part two will be posted next. If you have questions, you can leave them in the comment box below.

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