EP 124: Case Study #1 – How We Bring 369 Potential Clients To Our Client (10-15 Inquiries/Month)

by Jonathan DeCollibus on July 24, 2018

(Marketing For Architects, Case Study #1)

What Nobody Else Is Going To Do

When you search for “Marketing for architects”, you come across hundreds of posts, articles and tips and tricks.

As you are probably already aware – this topic is probably one of the most misunderstood topics on the internet today.

At Superior Digital Partners, where we help architects get more projects, and we are the real experts in this as we only work with architects, we’re going a step further than anything else you’ve ever seen before.

We’ve published over 50 hours of architect marketing strategy videos here on our site, but now we’re going to do something even better for you.

We’re going to let you in behind the curtain and show you what nobody else has ever shown before.

And trust me, we’re not doing this so that you just trust us blindly and do whatever we say – we’re doing this so that you can understand why people decide to work with us, why architects entrust us with their pipeline and say, “Just do it for me!”.

We’re breaking through all the noise with some REAL DATA and for the first time ever, we’re doing what nobody else is going to do, show you results.

This is the first in a series of “Marketing For Architects – Case Studies”.

This one is about how we are bringing 10-15 leads per month to our client, resulting in 3-4 projects per month…

And you get to see it all.

There are hundreds of “7 steps to get more projects” and “the 3 things to do to succeed as an architect…” – stop digging for strategies, the strategies already are here clearly in front of you.

This video is about making sure that you see ACTUAL results, ACTUAL strategy.

Let me know if you have questions, let’s talk.


(Or just call my office @ 214-814-7909 and let’s get a quick meeting booked with one of our specialists).

P.S. If you want to know the real reason why architects hire us, month after month, year after year… I’ll tell you in one word.  Projects.  More projects.

There are 3 reasons why architects come to us:

  1. They don’t have enough leads.
  2. They have low-quality leads.
  3. They are doing all the work themselves and they want to do what they do best and hire a pro to handle the rest.

Maybe you can relate, maybe you have taken a look at your pipeline and you realize you don’t have enough new projects coming in.  Maybe those projects you do have aren’t as juicy and interesting as you would like.

Maybe you are super ambitious and are spending all that time and energy going out doing your own “architect marketing”… and you just don’t know how much longer you can keep on doing that crazy 8 cycle…

Market network, get meetings, make proposals, win projects…

Then… do the work, deliver the end product for the client…

Rinse, wash and repeat.  Over and over and over again.

Either way, the one thing that we can all agree on is this, people decide to hire you because they want a pro to handle their designs.

What would you think if your client didn’t decide to have a pro handle the situation?

Would you think they would be successful?  Would they know the ups and down and issues?

Of course not.

All the greats, Zaha Hadid, AECOM, Gensler… the list goes on, they do what they do best because they hire a pro to handle the rest.

Being a “smaller” firm, who makes about 10-30MM a year in fees doesn’t mean you have to handle everything yourself.

You can double or triple the number of projects that are coming into to your firm each quarter, and increase the quality of those leads or you can keep on waiting…

Which is the real question, how long do you want to wait to get more projects? 

The demand is there, we have proven it over and over and we can prove it exists for your market (no matter how niche you want to go).

Here’s the three elements you have to know in order to successfully market.

  1. What type of project do you want most?
  2. Where is the demand for that type of project the strongest?
  3. What is the best way to connect them to your portfolio?

Which leads me to this formula…

Potential Clients + Portfolio = Projects

If you have a good body of work, if you have them displayed well on your site… this formula works over and over.

Again, if you want to talk with a trained specialist from my office about getting more projects, call us @ 214-814-7909 right now.

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