EP 122: Architect Marketing: The 3 Big Problems

by Jonathan DeCollibus on July 19, 2018

Over 80% of the architects who come to us have one of three problems. The first problem is they have low quality leads. Low quality inquiries. You know, maybe their site does produce some inquiries, you know, but it’s the old move the dishwasher from the right hand side of the house to the left hand side of the house, where if they’re in the commercial space, they’re not big juicy, profitable projects. Right?

Now, the second reason why companies come to us, why architects come to us is they say, “We need help because we don’t have enough leads We don’t have enough inquiries. We don’t have enough meetings. Therefore, we don’t have enough projects and our cash flow is hurting because of that.”

Number three. The third reason why architects come to us is because they’re ambitious. They’re go getters and they live in a vicious cycle of manual marketing leading to a project, leading to delivery, leading back to marketing again, manually going out there, word of mouth referrals, networking, speaking at panels, going into chambers, drinking that old margarita at the mixer again. Okay?

Just to get semi-mediocre or maybe above average if they’re in a good place, projects, so the reason why they come to us for more projects, and that’s actually why we exist, is to help architects get more projects.

Now, you may have already identified, you may have already seen and sort of pinpointed exactly which of these three problems your architecture firm has. Is it not enough inquiries? Is it low quality or is it that you’re doing all the work yourself, right? It’s one of those three, so maybe you’ve already identified or maybe you have yet to identify it, but in any event, you’re watching this video for a reason.

Now, I don’t like to be negative. I’m kind of a positive guy, but I have to give you some tough love and that is this. Number one, there are solutions out there, right? Architects are killing it. There’s a few architects out there that are killing it in the marketing space. They never have to wonder or worry or wait for new projects, right? They have a pipeline which gives them predictability, which gives them selectivity, which means they can choose the greatest, most profitable, most aligned projects with what they do and what the market wants. There’s a hand in glove fit, right? Wouldn’t that be great?

Now the bad news is … Here’s your tough love part, right? If you don’t know what to do and you don’t have a solution and you stay where you are, things will not improve, right? There’s not going to be a magical change out there where something’s gonna magically improve if you don’t know what to do and it gets even worse, because if you know what to do and you don’t do it, right? It’s not going to improve either.

Now at this point in time, we have over 50 hours of architecture marketing videos outlining all the strategies that we use. Okay? All the strategies, from securing $100,000,000 construction costs, projects for commercial clients, all the way down to $10,000,000 custom, high end single family residential estates. Right? How do you get these projects? Right?

Well, the good news is the answers are already out there, but if you know what to do, let’s say you’ve been following our blog for a good amount of time, you know, after watching our hourly and daily videos sometimes that we post up, you know what to do.

If you don’t do it, it’s of zero value for you and worse than that is that once your competitors gain access to these strategies and they take action and they move forward and they say, “Yes, let’s do it.”And they come to us and they say, “Here’s our company, here’s the market. We have a desire to dominate this market.”

Once they do that, once they’ve suspended their disbelief that marketing can’t work in the architecture space and they come to us, it’s gonna be too late because we will have a geo-exclusivity that we will have with them in our agreement that will not allow us to take on any new clients in that area.

So that’s the bad news. Right? And so why am I saying this? I’m saying this because I care because I know hundreds of architects and hundreds of architects know me and the thing that hurts me the most sometimes is to see an architect who is design-driven, who’s value driven, who has the highest standards in the game at the end of the day, who’s still struggling in cashflow, right?

I don’t want you to live there. I want you to have the ability, right? Because business in the architecture space is both business and design. You have to understand, there’s two things at better at play, but the most important one is your art.

That’s obvious, but your art is not going to survive if you don’t to have the marketing to support it. Okay? So if you’re interested, right, there’s no pressure here. If you’re interested and you say, you know what, now’s the right time. This has gone on far too long. You know, we’ve had either low quality inquiries, not enough or we’ve just been doing all that darn work ourselves and we want to solve this problem once and for all. Why don’t you reach out to our office and you can do that by going to superiordigitalpartners.com, going to the Let’s Talk page and drop us a quick line. Somebody will get out to you in 24 to 48 hours and we’ll help you by taking a look at what you want.

We’ll take a look at the specific market that you’re in and based upon that we’ll help you create recommendations that are based in reality, right? We don’t just throw out these good ideas. We want to create customized solutions for your business and then we want to help you implement them, because your time is too valuable, right? The strategies that you have implemented in your business so far in terms of architecture and design, you need to do what you do best. You need to hire somebody else to handle the marketing.

Okay guys, thanks for watching. I look forward to talking to you soon. Thank you.

Jonathan DeCollibus

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