EP 138: Digital Marketing For Architects

by Jonathan DeCollibus on September 10, 2018

[00:02] There is only one reason that you will not try digital marketing for your architecture firm. You don’t think it’s going to work.

[00:15] The most common things that we all think of is hey listen I’m an architect. We’re in a high trust industry working in an industry based off relationships you just can’t use digital stuff all the kids are using nowadays to generate new business could you.

[00:30] Well I want to show you now is a little bit of data that will help shift your perspective. It may not convince you completely but it will definitely open up your mind a little bit more to the opportunity that is right at your fingertips. Everybody’s going online.

[00:43] Think about a Gulfstream private jet the GS 650 65 million dollar purchase. Right. This is historically known to be a trust based relationship based type of transaction. In yet Gulfstream is very successfully using digital advertising to generate leads that they can give to their experts to turn into new business.

[01:11] Think about a hundred and eighty three foot yacht. You heard it’s a big one right. It’s worth fifteen point nine million euros. There are companies out there that are successfully using digital advertising to bring and generate proactive leads people who have the resources they have the means to have the proactivity they have that immediate actionable need that they’re willing to make a decision to work with this company. Why. Simply because digital advertising works. If you do it the right way.

[01:46] Now there is a right and a wrong way but you might say, “Jonathan those are both examples of very expensive products!”

[01:53] And you know what I would agree with you so let’s talk about a service. Think about a family office. So if you don’t know what a family office is basically it’s a collection of CPA financial advisers lawyers who all work together in one office to support one family or a series of families who are extraordinarily wealthy.

[02:13] Think of almost billionaire billionaire plus and they are using digital advertising to successfully bring in new leads. And you might think that’s crazy. And it is but the fact is it works. So if you do digital advertising the right way maybe just maybe it might work for architecture.

[02:35] Now I’m being facetious because I do know that it works but I’m going to show you if you’re just in a moment exactly how you can know that is well whenever you go in to a market and you want to use a marketing or advertising or digital advertising off line it doesn’t matter.

[02:51] You always have to look at one thing and that is demand. OK. So either you’re going to be generating demand that doesn’t exist or you’re going to have to go to a place where the demand currently exists and market to those people who are proactively in that category. Which do you think is most profitable. Obviously going where the demand is go where the people are worth looking for. So let’s take a look at the amount of people who are searching for architectural services online. Now here’s the question you have to ask yourself why are they surging. Why are they searching not just for the phrase but what would induce someone to go online into search.

[03:32] Well I would have to consider that there are three reasons why people search online. The first reason peoples are online is because they have a need especially for architecture. People are not going to search for “architects in Los Angeles” unless they need an architect in Los Angeles. We have evidence now that there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of searches that are happening each and every month by individuals.

[04:00] So those are individually hundreds and sometimes dozens of individuals in areas that you wouldn’t really even think that they would be there but they’re searching for things like interior architecture, TI from medical, multi-family you can name it if we can find the exact number of people were searching for those things online every month. So here’s the thing.

[04:22] The demand already exists. There is a segment of the marketplace who is transition just like the Gulfstream private jets. Just like the YOSS just like the family offices. What we have noticed is that there is a major decision that has already happened where people are now doing their due diligence on why they do that because people trust what they see online from a third party source who has nothing to lose by speaking the truth rather than somebody who they may know who might recommend something you might be saying something we’re embellishing the facts. If it was possible to show your portfolio to back to people who are demanding it who are looking for exactly what it is you offer would you show them your portfolio or would you let your competitors show them their portfolio.

[05:11] And once you show them your portfolio once they see your body of work you can’t just leave it at that. You have to do something no one else was willing to do and that is to add massive massive value. You have to proactively meet them in the middle and add relevant value because you identify what are their pinpoint something like a doctor.

[05:32] How would a doctor perceive the needs and the pain points of his patients and how would he at least solve or identify those pain points for his market. Once you do that it gives them an opportunity to begin a relationship. You see this is the big difference.

[05:51] What Gulfstream does were people who are selling these expensive yachts to what these family offices are doing differently than Amazon and some of these small ticket item type online marketing sources everybody tends to think of is it they don’t rank people instead of to a buy but they connect them to a conversation. But the purpose of a digital marketing plan for art is to do one thing generate more conversations with qualified people.

[06:21] It is not to get somebody to go online and make some sort of purchase. You and I know that it’s more complex. They’re not going to do that. Just like somebody would be going by the Gulfstream. Sixty five million dollar private jet just by seeing it online. You’re going to have a conversation. That’s the difference. You have to have a conversation in order to bring people in to your world your skill level in your avowing. So everything you do needs to be about doing this. A couple of quick steps. You identify the demand. Show them your work.

[06:56] Show them your real show them that you have amazing experience in any area that they’re looking for and then go a step beyond that and relevant extraordinary value you know identify their pain points or fears frustrations obstacles and desires identify that for them. Help them to achieve them. Take them one step closer to that goal being achieved. Because you will because they saw and then simply offer them the opportunity for a simple conversation. OK. Let’s do it right now with our company. So if you’re watching this right now chances are very high of your marketing. You will have come through this far. If you want an architect. Number two if you want to have my son personally take a look at your situation Im telling you give you some objective recommendations that are based upon reality not just these fancy ideas but actual real recommendations based upon what you want based upon what your market wants. And then a marriage of the two to create a strategy will actually work go to Superior digital partners OK click on that button and let’s have a conversation.

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