EP 140: Ultimate Positioning For Architects

by Jonathan DeCollibus on September 25, 2018

If your market does not see your point this should firm really exist.
If you want to have marketing that is extraordinarily effective you must have what we call the only logical choice positioning.

There are three levels of market positioning out there.

The first one is called Random market positioning means is that people know who you are. They know that you’re an architect but they don’t necessarily know all the breadth of the services that you offer and they definitely do not know the depth of your personal story or the philosophy or the approach of your firm.

The second level is called the Commodity Zone. So the commodity zone is where you’re essentially lumped in with all the other architects were in your knees. Maybe it’s multifamily maybe it’s High-Rise but you’re lumped in with all the rest and they do not see your unique value because the only thing that they’re focused on is “hey, they all produce this end product for us”. This leads to a ton of negotiations.

This leads to RFP scenarios where there’s a shortlist that their blood in the water the sharks have arrived and it’s a very very dangerous place to be.

The third level of market awareness the ultimate level of market awareness is what we call the only logical choice positioning in the only logical choice positioning is so powerful because it brings people to you people almost instantaneously decide hey I want to work with this person you become the prize not the end product right not the designs that you make you are the prize in the experience of working with you is the prize.

So how do you achieve that level of positioning? Trust me. I know it sounds very difficult to achieve but it’s not that difficult if you know what to do. So if you like to have me take a look at.

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