EP 141: Meetings On Demand For Architects

by Jonathan DeCollibus on October 2, 2018


[00:00:01] How long does it take you on average to get a really good meeting that actually converts into a new project. And he said well he thought about it for a moment. He goes, “Well about two years.”.


[00:00:16] I want to explore something is taking us a long time to come to these distinctions. This is something that’s going to help you to understand how you can maximize every single dollar you spend in advertising. How can you create predictable sources of revenue new projects new inquiries new business without having to roll the dice and hoping you get the right combination.


[00:00:44] So what I’m going to do today is I’m going to open our eyes to the awareness of exactly what needs to happen for you my friend to have a fantastic marketing strategy that actually works for you the very first thing that I want to tell you is that there’s two basic categories of marketing right in the marketing world we call it direct or indirect but I think for this video I want to use different words because I want to be very very clear. So you have that on one side you have what we would call systemised marketing and systemised marketing is something that is very very well thought out their strategy. There’s game plans in place. There are A B C equals D and there’s a formula in there it’s very scientific in that the reason why scientific marketing is important is so that you can actually duplicated a rather than hope it’s going to work right so that’s the first category a category number one is systemised marketing or direct marketing.


[00:01:49] On the other side of the spectrum we have what’s known as indirect marketing or what we would call it realistically is called Chance marketing now chancer marketing has a lot of disadvantages to it but it has a couple advantages so we share with you both sides of the coin. So the advantages of chance marketing I’ll give you a couple examples of charts marketing things like word of mouth things like referrals. Right. You get some very high quality business out of referrals Dorjee you get some very high quality business out of word of mouth. Right now the problem is that the predictability factor is really taken away there’s really no scientific approach other than continue to go to as many networking events as you can continue to pass out as many business cards as you can and hope and pray that someone the right person will respond to your marketing efforts and you’ll end up with a good meeting a good enquiry and a good project. So the problem with Chance marketing of course the downside to it is very very interesting that most of the time you end up having to waste a lot of time in terms of trial and error. You have to go out there and talk to sift through filter through hundreds of people sometimes more if youre going to trade shows and going to conferences and events. And you have to spend countless hours with those you know with those martinis at the networking events hoping to meet a white person. Its a gambling type strategy a strategy that relies upon percentages and hopefully you’ll get it right. But there’s no real science to it. You can stack things in your advantage but it really is up to chance.


[00:03:31] Now let’s talk a moment about the two different categories that we have so we have systemised we have chance. Now one of the interesting things to know is that with all marketing you can break it down even further into what’s called Leveridge or what’s called a manual or one to one. So with leverage and marketing it’s not tied to your personal time your personal time it can be spent in your business working with your current client base working with new potential clients rather than having to go out there and waste all this time all this energy hoping and praying that you can actually communicate with the right person so it’s leveraging marketing leverage and marketing works without your personal time. Of course Emmanual marketing requires you to invest personal time into the business. For example I had a conversation last night with an architect and he was telling me he goes after big health care projects and I said Well how how long does it take you on average to get a really good meeting that actually converts into a new project. And he said well he thought about it for a moment he goes Well about two years. It said What do you charge per hour. You’re going to charge three hundred twenty five dollars per hour is and how many hours they spent marketing networking going to events for those two years you that one meeting and then he thought about it. Well I spent about 2 hours per week going out to events and talking to people and following up with e-mails.


[00:05:05] I said Okay so you’re spending about 500 dollars a week multiplied by a hundred and four weeks to get that one good meeting. Now of course those numbers may be a little bit drastic compared to what your number may be. But the example still stands. It takes a lot of time. When you charge two hundred twenty five dollars per hour and you multiply that by that amount of time it’s expensive. One of the main categories one of the main things that we notice about Maniel marketing is that it’s very very expensive even though it’s sort of a red herring because from the outset there sort of a facade and it’s for free that oh I’m just going out there for free and you know talking to different people and it says it cost me anything. It actually does your billable hours is what it cost you and the time the energy and obviously more importantly is the efficiency because what we really have to do when you want to scale your business when you want to grow your business. Like when I was talking to this gentleman last night about his health care project he’s trying to give these project 15 20 25 noite or in construction cost. When you’re trying to get projects at that size that that scope it’s much more important for you to have a higher volume of higher quality rather than to go out there yourself and try to drum up the business yourself. So that’s what our firm does best is we specialize in connecting developers landowners corporations and different municipalities in some cases to the architect. And we do that in a very very precise and specific way that is systemised.


[00:06:40] And the reason why I highlight systemized is because it is scientific so all we can do is we can take a look at our market place could take a look at the kind of project that you want. We can say great let’s fill up your calendar with let’s say 10 meetings per month with developers with corporations with landowners who are proactively working on specifically the type of projects that you want so that you have a leverage system right that doesn’t take your personal time which means you can scale which really means you can grow as big as you want to grow without having to invest all that personal time which really means to you that you’re in control of your business growth you’re in control of the cash flow you’re in control of the revenues coming into the firm and you are also able to have one big luxury selectivity in what I say selectivity. Most people know what it means but they have never really experienced it. So let me just paint a picture for you. Imagine that you wake up Monday morning you take a look at your calendar and you see that you have 15 to 20 meetings booked up over the next 30 to 45 days. Meetings with developers who are working on sizable projects that fit exactly the size and the scope of what you want. The first thing you’re going to do is probably feel relieved. You’re probably going to take a deep breath and realize that your pipeline has now solved most of your problems because now you can choose yourself.


[00:08:05] The second thing you you’re probably going to do is you’re probably going to become big you become choosy about which kind of projects you actually want because now you have the plethora to choose from you have a blood run to work with. So that’s number two. Number three you’re probably going to raise your fees and this is something that I’ve seen across the board with our clients that they consistently raise their fees over time. And it’s simple economics when the demand for what you do exceeds the supply. Meaning how much mocking how much capacity you have on those what people trying to get in what you have capacity to serve then prices go up fees go up. And also your confidence goes up. And by doing that in that process your profitability goes up you’re able to serve the best people who are the best natural fit in terms of value in terms of design in terms of the end product. And here’s the cherry on top. They’re coming to you because of you not because of the end product they’re coming to you because your marketing has pulled them in and it has positioned you as the go to architect in your area. So if you like have us take a look at your company that your market in goods and recommendations for you and help you get meetings on demand then go ahead. Go to my Web site superior digital partners. There’s a big green button that says let’s talk click on that button and let’s have a conversation. Thank you my friend. We’ll talk soon.


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