EP 142: The Five Steps To Winning Great Projects

by Jonathan DeCollibus on October 11, 2018

We’ve all had that one conversation where the sparks fly there’s chemistry in the air, there is that loving connection and you feel like you’ve known this person for years and years and years and it’s a conversation of WHEN they will begin. Not IF they will begin.

So that is the topic today is we have to identify why number one. Who are those people in the market place.

Number two how is it possible that we can attract them. How rendering them into war space into a world attracting them in to your world and having them to raise their hand and say yes I want to work with XYZ architect and I at least want to explore the possibility in of course number three how do you get them qualified to lose treat your tourists.

And fourthly how do you ensure a relationship with that prospect and nurture the relationship to build positioning of authority to build that connection and also to build that position of Florida to where when you speak to them you can communicate with them. They are compliant with your process because you are perceived as informative.

And then of course find most importantly do you have a system that can see schedule on your calendar to talk with you about working with.

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