EP 146: Branding 101 For Architects

by Jonathan DeCollibus on November 23, 2018

We’re going to talk today about the difference between the two and answering the question why is it that one architect experiences constant feast and famine while the other group around them have a line around the block of more clients waiting to work with them at higher fees with less negotiation than anyone would ever expect… sounds too good to be true?

The answer to that is branding.

Branding is a bridge. It’s a bridge taking something from being a commodity to being a value add, to being worth more in the marketplace, something that offers a completely different outcome… even though A and B are offering the same end-product.

So what does it mean to actually have a good brand when you have a good brand. What that means is that people are willing to pay any price to work with you. People are willing to put aside some of their fears put aside some of their frustrations and there are obstacles in their path to want to work with you because you are seen as the prize not the end product. So we’re going to talk about the purpose of branding and the big purpose of branding is as I said to take you from being a common commodity seemed to be as the exact scene as everyone else around you to be seen as a valuable different unique and superior option. So there are four steps to this process. Step number one is to assimilate. We have to assimilate all of the things that make us unique.

Right what are the things that make us unique and to sit down and to essentially take everything out of your head and put it on paper you can do this by looking at all of the differences that you have by taking a look at all of the all the actual things that you bring to the table. What is the actual deliverable that you bring to the table.

That is step number one. Step number two is you have to dive into your backstory. When I say dive into your backstory what I mean is what is your origin story. What is the genesis story. What is it that makes you different? What is it that makes you unique? What is it that you are willing to do what is it that you went through that created the corporation the architecture firm that you have today that is different from what everybody else has?

Number three is we have to compare. We have to be able to compare what we do compared to everyone else because that’s exactly what makes the difference between a commodity and a unique superior architect is the fact that if you are a unique superior architecture firm you are not able to be compared to in the same category as all of your competitors number four is you have to be able to differentiate the difference between you and the other firms and by differentiating.

There are four levels of differentiation. The first level of differentiation is differentiation in terms of process. You have process you have approach. You have philosophy then you have the end product. So how can you differentiate on all those four things.

Now what comes up next is you have to take a look at assimilating your backstory, comparing, differentiating and then you have to be able to put this into a system that is easily able to be digested by your marketplace.

If you want help contact us here at Superior Digital Partners. Our team is equipped and has experience in doing just that. The difference between doing that is the difference between being a run of the mill firm, or being an irresistible, magnetic and highly profitable firm.

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