EP 96: Antifragile Marketing

by Jonathan DeCollibus on June 20, 2018

“If your marketing is dynamic, constantly testing and adjusting – the inevitable shocks, surprises and setbacks will make you more profitable.”

Jonathan DeCollibus


Most architects struggle in marketing and in getting more projects. Once you decide to grow your business, you cannot rely on word of mouth, referrals, or repeat business.

However, some people in the AEC world chooses not to market because of their fear of failure. There is indeed ups and downs in marketing. But instead of running away, why not get some benefits from it?

Let us show you some ways on how you can leverage the mistakes and problems you’ll encounter while marketing your services.

[4:08] What is Anti-fragile?

According to Nassem Taleb, there are benefits you can get from shocks, stressors, and mistakes you will encounter.

You can imagine a bodybuilder who goes to the gym so he could have muscle failure. This is a process where you are applying pressure and stress on your body until it gets to a state of small and controlled failure so you could have muscles.

[6:55] What is Anti-fragile Marketing?

Anti-fragile in marketing is having limited, small, numerous problems that come up. To make sure that the problems are limited and controlled, we have to micro-test.

This means you need to know which numbers to look at and closely monitor them.

[10:06] What do we need to do if things don’t go our way?

Test and Measure: You need to test and measure to know the facts and limit your problems. This must be done on a daily basis.
Be Flexible and Adaptable: You must learn how to adapt especially when there are changes in the market. You need to look at the data, patterns, and other relevant information. From your analysis, you can proceed in changing your strategy for you to get back on track.

If you need help implementing an effective marketing strategy to fill your pipeline of ideal clients, you can reach out to our office and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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