I went on a secret mission for my clients.

by Jonathan DeCollibus on April 3, 2005

Because Superior Digital works with dozens of architects… over the past 14 days, I went on a secret bloodhound mission for my valued partners – and I have returned from my hunt with some valuable intel for them.

We started with software that lets us lift the curtain and take a good hard look behind the scenes of hundreds and hundreds of architectural firms.

I got to see their sites, and how they generate business, how they promote and position themselves, average project transaction… virtually everything was exposed.

More importantly, I got to see their weaknesses that could be exploited and their strengths which could be leveraged for our clients.

I am not going to bore you here with the technical details and I’m not going to excite you with strategies.

Here’s some big picture takeaways.

The Highest On Google Results Have The Highest Profit

If you want to get hundreds (in some cases thousands) of motivated, qualified leads engaging in your site, every single month… here’s my advice.

Don’t just use PPC ads, don’t use billboards, don’t rely on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Get to the top of Google results for what these motivated qualified people are searching for.

Even in small cities there are hundreds of people searching for architects every month. Why try to create demand for your practice when you can just step into current demand?

Why try to create demand when you can just step into current demand ?

Google this phrase right now “architects in [your city]”.

If you are not on page 1, you are missing out on hundreds, if not thousands of visitors per month. 92% of people never go to page 2. If you’re on page 3… you’re essentially not even on Google.

In our experience the average architecture site converts 10-12% of Google traffic into inquiries.
That means 200 visitors equals 20 inquiries for new business.

If you close 1 out of 10… you’re adding an extra 2 projects per month from your site.

Could you use an extra 2 projects per month?

That’s only if you get 200 visitors on your site per month.

Be Cranky, Be Picky

I want to show you how to do this in the architecture world… it’s not as simple as it seems.

If you want to attract quality, qualified clients to reach out to your practice and practically beg you to work with you – you have to follow this one protocol.

At Superior Digital we call it the “Attract & Repel” system.

This system turns your site from an online brochure into a source of quality clients every month.

You don’t want an online brochure, you want a site that brings you real clients every month.
If you go to your site right now – I can almost guarantee that your site visitors have an almost impossible time figuring out how they can qualify to work with you.

They probably don’t know who you love working with. They probably don’t know who you refuse to work with.

Your site is probably geared to show off your work not to position you as an exclusive, high-end, “I have a waiting list”, premium priced firm.

If your site is an online brochure like all the other architects in town, you’re not going to get treated like a top architect.

Be exclusive. Be cranky. Be picky. You will become a magnet to your best clients.
Your clients will be easier to speak with, they will respect you and pay you what you ask.

Clients prefer working with snooty, picky architects over the generic guy who takes everybody as a client.

Your clients are more compliant, more willing to do what you say – and a side benefit is this gets you more inquiries from your favorite type of clients.

With that I am out.

Jonathan DeCollibus, Founder @ SuperiorDigitalPartners.com

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