EP 139: Marketing For Architects: The Definitive Guide

by Jonathan DeCollibus on September 18, 2018


[00:06] This is the definitive guide for marketing to get inquiries, projects and profit.

[00:17] The first thing that you have to understand is the difference because there is a difference between traditional advertising and architecture marketing.

[00:49] We have to switch our approach so that you can actually get inquiries so you can actually get more projects so you can actually get the profit in big capital infuse into your business because of proper strategic marketing.

[01:05] You have to focus on a few not many focus on quality don’t just focus on quality. That’s what I call vanity metrics. How many site visitors did we get. How many people click on our ads.

[01:19] What our strategic outcome is is to get a high quality prospect to submit an inquiry who is already you raving fan of our body of work you have to focus on inquiries.

[01:32] How many inquiries are we getting per week? What’s the quality of these inquiries and what are the conversion rates? How many of those inquiries are converting into projects?

[01:42] Lastly, you must add relevant and extraordinary value before you expect anyone in their right mind to submit an inquiry showing them your portfolio is great and then out of bound you identified the common fears frustrations and obstacles that are in the pathway of achieving that project.

[02:05] Identify those issues and resolve them. Or at least just identify that form so they can become more clear.

[02:12] Once you add value you give them the opportunity to connect with you. If you would like to have me take a look at your goals take a look at your marketplace and take a look at what it is you want to achieve in terms of growth and then create recommendations based upon click on the let’s talk and let’s talk.

[02:34] Thanks for watching. -Jon

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