Predictability: How To Have A Constant River Of HQ Leads

by Jonathan DeCollibus on May 31, 2018

Are you wondering how you can get a consistent flow of high-quality leads?

If we are to look at the number of your leads, are we going to see a trickle, a stream, or a river?

[1:30] Let’s start by defining the word predictability

In the world of marketing, predictability means you can be relied on, that firms can count on you for a consistent flow of leads because the numbers are already set.

[1:52] Three Factors of Predictability

Consistency: Regardless of the situation, good or bad, you can deliver the same high-quality result.

Strategic: Do you have a system which drives consistent result on all KPIs and everything else that matters in your firm?

Scalable: Your marketing system should not be tied to your personal time. You need to have a reliable team who can handle the marketing for you. So all you have to do is look at results to check if they are being productive.

Bottom Line: The marketing group whom you will work with has a big role to play in terms of your predictability. This is why you need to choose a team that has a proven system and is accountable.

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