EP90: Proposal Secrets: Making Your Proposals Effective

by Jonathan DeCollibus on June 1, 2018

Whenever you hear the word RFP, do you feel that you have the power over the situation? Most likely not. You’ll just wish you could change the meaning of P on RFP and translate it to Power.

Let’s find out how we can flip the script on RFP so you could be in the position to be selective and choose best projects that will give you the most profit.

Remember, the firm who is selective is the firm who wins.

[1:36] What does winning firms get

Profit: You get to work with people who are willing to pay you premium fees.
Happy Client: You get to work with people who has chemistry with your team.
Happy Staff: When you have profit and happy clients, you’ll have happy staff.

[2:52] How does RFP work?

The old strategy suggests that you send tons of proposal so you can reach more prospects. This approach requires you to spend more money, time, and a lot of your team’s effort.

Imagine being on American Idol, your prospect clients play as the judge while you are one of the contestants. The “judge” will ask you to do a lot of things like sing and dance to see if you’re the best fit for their project. In the world of AEC, this could mean lowering your price.

[6:20] What’s our goal?

Our goal is to turn around the situation. Instead of being the contestant, you will be the judge. Instead of hoping to get selected, you will be the one selecting.

We are going to qualify your prospects before creating a proposal so we can eliminate people who doesn’t have a good fit with your firm.

[9:00] Steps To Follow Before Sending A Proposal

Build a pipeline by creating a strategic marketing plan.
Qualify your prospects

This strategy will give you the power to be selective. You will be saving time, effort, and resource in creating tons of RFPs. And with less RFPs, you will have higher conversion rate.

If you need help implementing this proven process, you can reach out to our office.

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