SEO for Architects in under 2 minutes.

by Jonathan DeCollibus on July 12, 2008

Unless you are pouring a fresh cup of coffee – stop everything and Google your firm’s name.

Do it right now. It’s an ego boost, I promise.

You probably show up first.

Now… hold your coffee cup a bit tighter.

Google your architects in your city… you probably don’t show up on the first page.

Or page 2. Or page 3….

Disclaimer: if you live in Bushwack, Nowhere… you’ll probably be on page 1 or 2.

The fact of the matter is – you might think SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complex thing to do.

SEO means manipulating the search engines so that you show up first and get seen by motivated, quality, ready-to-move-forward people looking for your specific service, right now.

It seems like a dream.

And here’s the kicker.

You are doing SEO right now – and you have been doing it ever since you started your website.
With SEO it’s only a matter of HOW WELL you do it, not IF you do it.

If you do it poorly, your site produces little to no results… because, nobody new is seeing your portfolio, nobody new is able to connect with you.

If you do it the right way, your site becomes a constant source of new quality projects.
There are two things that determine where you show up on the Google results.

Let’s start with Keywords.

Why do you show up #1 on Google for your business’ name?

Your site already has your business name embedded in several areas.

Simple, right?

Google says…

“OK, this website is about ‘John Jones Architects’ because I see it on the site a several times.”

Now let’s move onto backlinks.

A backlink is when another site links back to your site.

Think about this like the power of association.

If you are standing next to a hobo while you are in the middle of your next business meeting, it will affect the way you are treated by the client, right?

Tiny websites, unknown blogs and directories are the hobos of the internet.
So, if you have tiny websites, unknown blogs and directories linking to you…

Google treats you like you are surrounded by a crowd of hungry hobos (not hippos).

And that treatment is NOT good.

Now what if you get a big fancy website to link back to you… think NY Times or Huffington Post… does that alone help you get to page 1?

Strange answer… but no.

You see, Google is looking for two things.
“Social Status” (think NY Times) aaaaaand the golden word:

*insert angelic “Hallelujah!” here*


So how does Google determine if the backlink from the big site is GOOD or BAD?

They ask one single question.

Is this link coming from a content rich, relevant article on a big, powerful website?
Content rich article means 300 plus words… and relevant means “is this article about architecture?”

“The Google”, (technical term), will literally read through the article that is linking back to your site and ask three things.

Is this article content rich?

Is this article about architecture?

Is this article on a quality, authority site?

And then they will look at your site and ask…

Is this site definitely about architecture?

Does it have the words, phrases and content related to architecture on this site?

If you get YES on all these questions – you will rank high on Google and your site will transform into a project producing powerhouse.

If the answer to any of them is NO… your competition is rubbing their smug little hands together knowing they will continue to be flooded with the 30-50 inquiries per month like clockwork.

So the key is – get great keywords on your site, and get 300+ word articles about architecture to link back from authority sites and you will begin ranking on “The Google”.

And if you would like my team to handle this for you, go to Superior Digital Partners and blast us a quick message.

With this, I am out, my architecturalistic friend. Until next time.


P.S. I’ve taken the liberty to sketch this out on a legal pad mainly to showcase my superb sketching skills.

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