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What is this "architect marketing" all about?

Whether you are in the top 300 architects in the world or you are in the $10 to $50 million per annum range, you already know that marketing is the oxygen of your business.

But all marketing is not created equal.  When someone creates a marketing plan to sell a $3.99 iPhone app, sure – that’s marketing.

And when someone creates a marketing plan to secure $100MM commercial architecture projects, over and over… that’s a different animal completely.

There are three things you have to know about marketing architecture, engineering and construction if you would like to reap the ROI in your marketing.

1. What projects specifically do we want more of?

Forget about being general.  Get to the specifics.

If you don’t know, leaf through your projects over the past 5-10 years.  Which have been the real profit centers?  Which have been the smoothest?

Marketing is all about duplication.

2. What does the market itself actually want?

You have to have concrete data, what demand is there is the market.  Where are they at?  Where are they at in the largest concentration?  It’s not a simple answer to find, but if you know where to look and how to look, you can gather the raw data that will give you the answer to #3.

3. What is the best strategy to connect your highest price point service to the most proactive part of the market?

Superior architect marketing means finding the most profitable, pragmatic and predictable way to do exactly that. Superior architect marketing means you will have to be flexible in your approach, because superior architect marketing means you are focused on generating a high ROI.

Let’s be fully clear.

Just because you do that, doesn’t mean every single strategy is going to work out perfectly, every single time. 

And here’s what you do when things don’t work (hint: it’s not quitting).

  1. Constant Testing & Measuring
  2. Objectively Analyzing The Data
  3. Be Flexible, Creative & Adapt To What The Market Is Telling You

As Stephen Hawking wrote, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”  That willingness is what takes a #53 firm on the Top 300 list to #21 within 12 months.  That willingness is what takes a small firm making $18MM a year in fees to $55MM in fees per year within 12 months. 

Marketing is simple, not easy.  Marketing is profitable, not guaranteed.

If you would like to have us take a look at the marketing you’re employing right now, and give you our recommendations and feedback, please see the details below, reach out to our office and we’ll be in touch.

Firms that qualify to apply to work with Superior Digital Partners

  • Are Established, Real Architects
  • Have $114K/Annum Minimum For Marketing
  • Have Goals To Achieve 2X Growth Within 18 Months
  • Can Convert 1 Out Of 4 Quality Inquiries Into A Client
  • Have Staff Capacity (Or Plan) To Handle Growth
  • Ambitious & Growth-Oriented

Firms that do not qualify to apply to work with Superior Digital Partners

  • Start-ups/One Man Armies
  • Zero to 114K Marketing Budget
  • No Time Allocated For Meetings With Potential Clients
  • Want Marketing Guarantees
  • Have Minor Or Slow Growth Goals
  • Don’t Believe In Hard Work
  • Not Compliant With Our Marketing Process

If you fit the criteria stated above, please understand the following:

  • Meetings With Our Office Can Be Rescheduled, Given A Professional 72 Hour Window Of Advance
  • Due To Agreements, Our Current Client’s Private Information Is 100% Confidential
  • All Responsible Persons Involved In Marketing & Budgeting Must Be Present For Presentations
  • All Engagements Begin At 114K USD Per Annum Minimum
  • Initial Meeting Does Not Guarantee Your Firm Will Be Accepted As A Client
  • The Purpose Of A Presentation Is To Explain Our Process, Metrics For Success, Terms & Conditions, Answer Any Questions You Have, Resulting In A Logical, Binary Decision

If you can cope with the foregoing and you would like to talk to our office about geometrically increasing meetings, clients and fees, you can email Sophia (Sophia@SuperiorDigitalPartners.com) in order to begin the conversation.

All of our engagements start with an initial review of all of your firm’s marketing and sales channels along with tactical recommendations.

  • Review of all marketing currently used (even if it is word of mouth/referrals/repeat business)
  • Recommendations for areas of improvement in current marketing
  • Review of current web language and firm positioning
  • Review of current lead generation channels – recommendations for new channels to pursue (partnerships, outreach, ad campaigns)
  • Recommendations for new marketing to pursueBest practices for qualifying the leads you get via all contact forms
    30/60/90 day marketing plan with a heavy focus on ROI

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Search Engine Domination is THE quickest way to get profitable projects for your firm.

  • 48 meetings after 6 months
  • Profitable leads, custom research
  • Specific ideas and research for each account

Agency Partnerships

Partnership outreach is another way to build relationships and generate leads. SDP can provide:

  • 48 meetings booked after 6 months with partners or enterprise customers
  • Weekly sales strategy calls/check-ins with our team to continually improve


Directories are the simplest way to get onto the first page of Google. Directories alone have generated millions of dollars for our clients. SDP can provide:

  • Selection of top 5 directories for projects
  • Optimization and writing for each of those profiles
  • 2-4 relationship building exchanges per month with directory employees
  • Selection of the top performing directory sponsorships
  • Collection of client testimonials
  • Monthly management of all directory profiles to ensure high rank

Web Design & Full House Graphic Design

Keeping the brand and site fresh and profitable. Constant A/B testing and upgrading what converts the highest projects:visitors.

  • Unlimited Designs
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Logo & All Other Graphic Design

PR Campaign

PR Campaigns are one of the most underutilized channels for finding highly profitable projects. Our clients have been on dozens of big media and SDP can provide:

  • Huffington Post Publication
  • Podcast & Radio Interviews
  • Featured in Major Media Publications

Social Media Management

Social media is becoming a place where leads stay in touch

  • Reviews & Ratings on Google & Yelp
  • Facebook & Twitter Daily Management
  • YouTube Monthly Management